Shoes for CatMusic by Pavlas: We Live Rock'N'Roll (17/12/2011)

Exclusively for CatMusic and the first rocking RealGone jamboree, Michal Pavlas has produced a stylish collection of three models, which are available in all sizes and color combinations.

Once the pair of shoes is formally ordered and its cost credited to the account, it usually takes three weeks before it is hand made and delivered to the buyer. For precise measurements of your foot, you can use branches in Prague, Brno and Zlin in the Czech Republic. For oversees clients, it is possible to draw outlines of your feet, place ruler on the sheet next to it, take a photo and send it by mail.

To order, contact Milan Pavlas, cell: +420 777 999 855 or e-mail at:

Saddle Shoes

Saddle Shoes


Full Brogues