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Michal Pavlas on Sama Doma (15/01/2012)

Chatting about footwear and insoles with Iva Kubelkova on Sama Doma here.

Shoes for CatMusic by Pavlas: We Live Rock'N'Roll (17/12/2011)

Exclusively for CatMusic and the first rocking RealGone jamboree, Michal Pavlas has produced a stylish collection of three models, which are available in all sizes and color combinations. » More...

ORTHO and Pavlas on CT24 in Ekonomika+ (23/07/2011)

A short documentary on the beginnings and current developments of the company. Začínal v plesnivém sklepě a teď má Michal Pavlas ševcovskou dílnu, kde vyrábí luxusní a ortopedickou obuv.

Offer for Cooperation (10/01/2011)

Are you searching for an ideal supplier of orthopedic shoes, diabetic shoes or orthotic insoles? Whether you are a public or private clinic, rehabilitation centre, private orthotic practice or shoe retailer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to discuss any potential opportunities of cooperation.